Housing Matters

Our legal specialists can assist you with all aspects of Housing Law from advice about your legal rights.

At Bloomfield Solicitors, we not only advise on landlord and tenant matters but on all aspects of your legal housing needs. Whatever your residential property portfolio you are welcome to talk to us.

Our legal specialists can assist you with all aspects of Housing Law from advice about your legal rights through to representation at court proceedings. If you need assistance with a dispute, advice on your legal responsibilities, support on contractual issues or representation regarding an issue with your council then our residential law specialists can help.

Legal Aid

At Bloomfield Solicitors, we provide assistance to people unable to afford legal representation and access to the court system i.e. free legal aid support on housing and family matters to people in need as we are contracted with the Legal Aid Agency formerly known as Community Legal Services.

We cover most aspects of landlord & tenant work including the following:

1. Bringing or defending county court possession proceedings relating to, in particular, rent arrears or allegations of nuisance/breach of tenancy.
2. Applications to set aside possession orders or suspend warrants of possession (evictions).
3. Bringing claims on behalf of tenants regarding landlords' failures to carry out repairs on a property.
4. Representing homeless applicants where an application has been rejected by the local authority. We have considerable experience in bringing judicial review proceedings against, in particular, Local Authorities and Housing associations.
5. Acting for parties involved in leasehold disputes. These usually, but not exclusively, involve disputes over the level or reasonableness of service charges.
6. Acting for leaseholders wishing to exercise their rights under the Collective Enfranchisement Regulations.
7. Bringing judicial review proceedings on decisions made by local authorities to take, or more often fail to take, certain action.
8. Providing general housing advice to either landlords or tenants, for example on tenancy agreements, assignment, succession rights, illegal eviction etc.
9. Bringing or defending claims under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954. This involves representation at court and/or negotiating the terms of a commercial lease.

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